Fully Cooked Pork Back Ribs-BBQ Sauce

Fully Cooked Pork Back Ribs – in BBQ Sauce

25-27 oz Avg/ Pc. Individual Vac Packed. 5 Pcs Per Box- Avg 3.8 Kg Box.

Ingredients: Pork back Ribs, Fructose, brown sugar, tomatoe powder, molasses solids, modified corn starch, maltodextrin, dehydrate onions, salt, spice, sodium diacetate, dehydrated garlic, flavoour mustard, malic acid, smoke flavour, caramel. Contains mustard.

Cooking Instructions:

Oven Bake: Pre-Heat to 425f (220 c) and cook for 10 min.

Microwave: approx. 5 minutes on medium setting.

BBQ Grill: 4-6 mins on each side on high heat.


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Product Description

Fully Cooked Pork Back Ribs – in BBQ Sauce